So Pure Moisturizing

Gentle, natural conditioning

Dry hair needs loving care too. So Pure Moisturizing products combine to create a complete 5-step conditioning treatment. Certified organic argan, ylang ylang and palmarosa oils gently yet deeply hydrate hair and scalp. Hair and scalp also benefit from coconut oil, palm kernel oil and shea butter conditioning.

The wonderfully scented active plant ingredients contribute to a sense of luxurious relaxation and wellbeing. You can easily maintain the effect of So Pure Moisturizing treatment at home, with the full range of products and our clear instructions.

The rich sensation of wellbeing

Key ingredients

  • Moroccan argan oil
    Certified organic and rich in vitamins A & E, to nourish hair and scalp;
  • Ylang-ylang and palmarosa oils
    Certified organic essential oils that balance, hydrate and detangle, with a soothing floral scent;
  • Shea butter
    Restores hair’s natural hydration and shine.





A conditioning treatment to hydrate dry hair, producing healthy, shiny hair.

STEP 1. Moisturizing Essential Oil – Apply a few drops of essential oil to a hot towel and place the towel on your forehead.

STEP 2. Moisturizing Shampoo – Shampoo the hair to cleanse. Shampoo the hair again and massage your scalp.

STEP 3. Moisturizing Treatment – Apply treatment, set for 10 min. and rinse.

STEP 4. Calming Conditioner – Apply Conditioner, set for 10 min. and rinse.

STEP 5. Moisturizing Repair – Apply Overnight Repair only on the ends and leave in.

Moisturizing product range

Shampoo   Incredibly mild, enriched with organic, plant-based oils, this vegan shampoo safely hydrates and strengthens dry hair and scalp – restoring natural balance.

Conditioner – Condition hair and scalp with rich, organic oils that help to restore natural balance to dry and damaged hair.

Repair Serum – A lightweight serum for dry, porous and damaged hair – for use to restore balance, moisturize, repair split ends and detangle while you sleep.

Treatment – Formulated for dry, porous and damaged hair, for hydrating that penetrates deep and leave hair soft and shiny.

All products are suitable for dry, damaged hair and a dry scalp.

And of course, like all So Pure products, they contain only vegan natural ingredients.

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