CND™ Night Moves™ Collection – SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™

Let’s light up the night with the CND ™ Night Moves ™ collection, a futuristic color palette full of drama, contrasts, radiance and brilliance to give charm to a seasonal look.

CND Night Moves is a versatile mix of shimmering shades that bring a unique twist to the holiday season.
Inspired by the overlap of reality and fantasy, dark tones, glitter, and metallic finishes are layered together for a multi-tonal effect. Stand out with a show-stopping party look that lights up the dancefloor.

SHELLAC™&VINYLUX™ Brand Nail Color:

  • Bellini
  • Soiree Strut (swa-RAY)
  • After Hours
  • Kiss of Fire


This is a softly golden shimmer. I love the sparkle of Bellini, texturally metallic, elegant, and definitely not too yellow.

Soiree Strut (swa-RAY)

It’s a weird name, right? I quite like it, very Drag Race… The warm nudey babe of this collection, Soiree Strut has a soft shimmer texture rather than being heavily metallic. It’s very pretty, almost misty.. ‘brushed metal through a winter’s day mist..‘

After Hours

Now it’s time for the silver darling! After Hours shares the same depth of texture as Bellini, but is cool and crisp. Stunning metallic silver, we have been missing this colour for a LONG time!

Kiss of Fire

And finally, our glorious festive red. A definite hit with a huge percentage of clients. The picture speaks for itself.