Every skincare brand out there offers a “whitening” range of products in the form of cleansers, serums and moisturisers, but I think as the word “whitening” conjures up scary images of skin bleaching in a lot of clients’ minds, it tends to be a range that is given a wide berth…

Gatineau have always been at the forefront of research and technology and have always been committed to developing advanced skincare that targets the problems that occur through daily living. If I was to define Gatineau’s Whiteplan skincare range (developed many years ago and gently tweaked in its formulation more recently) I think it would come as a surprise that this range isn’t all about skin lightening but more about improving the texture, luminescence and radiance of the skin – in fact this range would be better called ‘Skin Brightening’ not ‘Whiteplan’!

Our skin is subjected to environmental aggressors on a daily basis, including over exposure to the sun, climatic conditions, deterioration of the protective ozone layer, and skin alterations due to the ageing process, as well as hormonal deficiencies. Melanin production can become unbalanced or excessive, which may lead to uneven distribution of pigments all over the skin. Consequently, the complexion becomes darker, patchy, dull and uneven and wrinkles can appear much more evident. In short, we don’t often mind a few wrinkles but add a dull complexion to the equation and we can suddenly age by at least 10 years!

Gatineau’s Whiteplan range is suitable for all skin types and all ages and focuses on skin brightening and evening out the skin tone to encourage that healthy youthful glow we are all looking for. The products contain all the necessary ingredients that act as melanin suppressants (the pigment that colours your skin), together with key anti-ageing formulas to maximise the appearance of a smooth and firmer skin.

The range bases itself on a triple concept: firstly to even out the skin’s complexion, secondly to moisturise and rebalance the skin and thirdly to provide a lift effect and tighten the skin’s surface.

One of the critical steps in achieving a brighter and more even-toned skin is exfoliation. With advanced technology in the form of Mellaclear II and Vitamin C found in all of the Whiteplan range, the skin’s surface is gently enzymatically exfoliated and melanin-loaded dead skin cells are gently erased revealing a brighter, even-toned healthy complexion.

With added key Amino Acids, Moisturising and Mattifying Agents and Plant Protein technology, the sophisticated product line-up includes:

A Skin-lightening softening toner with added Hamamelis Extract which completes the cleanse, tightens the pores and provides an astringent action.

  • 93% of people said their skin was more moisturised
  • 100% of people said their complexion was more luminous with a visible lightening effect
  • 100% of people said their complexion was smoother*

A Skin-lightening serum with triple concentration of the active ingredients and ultra-concentration of Wheat Proteins for an intensive lift effect.

  • 100% of people said their skin felt rejuvenated
  • 93% of people said that freckles and spots were lightened
  • 100% of people said skin firmness improved*

A Skin-lightening concentrate eye contour with added Horse Chestnut and Yeast Extract specifically formulated to help diminish the appearance of dark circles and puffiness and provide luminosity to the eye contour.

  • 100% of people said the skin around the eye area was brightened
  • 100% of people said that dark circles were minimised
  • 100% of people said that puffiness was reduced*

A Skin-lightening protective cream with an SPF 30 and Anti-Oxidants to offer high protection against daily aggressors.

  • 100% of people said that clarity was restored to their skin
  • 100% of people said their skin was more plumped and firm
  • 100% of people said that their skin felt moisturised and smooth*

So, in essence, don’t be put off by the word whitening. If your skin is showing signs of unevenness and has lost its healthy glow then this range is most certainly a game changer!

*Results from an Independent Clinical Trial after 84 days of product usage. Percentage of satisfaction.