Ultimate Blonde

Beautiful blond doesn’t come from a box. It takes a Pro-And Pro Products

Meet our all-new Ultimate Blonde range—extended with the super powerful Ultimate Power Blonde lightening powder and three iridescent new toners.

Blond is definitely not a one-size-fits-all category—you’re dealing with different wishes, undertones, hair conditions, color levels, client lifestyles and various degrees of maintenance commitment. As a colorist, you need to compose custom formulas and master a plethora of different techniques to offer the best service. We developed our new Ultimate Blonde range especially for blond specialists, collecting customer feedback, conducting elaborate scientific tests and joining forces with our Global Master Color Innovation Marriët Gakes, which culminated in a of lightening products we’re sure you’ll love.

With Ultimate Power Blonde, you can lighten a client’s hair up to eight shades. This means dark-haired salon clients can go platinum blonde, a desire many hold but rarely see fulfilled. Processing times are short and the service is stress-free, as the formula is gentle enough to prevent serious hair damage, especially when combined with our Bond Fusion system.

After lightening, bring your blond to life using toners toadd dimension and character. We’ve launched three new toners—use them to create icy, rose-gold or champagne shades.

  • 9.25 (a combination of pearl and mahogany), romantic rose gold
  • 9.27 (pearl and violet), super icy
  • 9.31 (gold and ash), champagne glow

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