For healthy, strong and resilient blonde hair

Updated Keune Ultimate Blonde Range

From highlights to balayage and platinum blond, you can have it all with Keune Ultimate Blonde



Creating strong healthy and resilient blonde hair.

With Keune’s professional Ultimate Blonde range, there is a way to achieve every blonde ambition.

From classic highlight, face-framing balayage to full platinum blonde. We’ve got you covered.





Considering going blonde?

Very few people are natural blondes, and about 60% of women would love to go blonde. You want to have it all – blonde hair or highlights, plus strong hair that is silky soft. But you are probably worried about damage to your hair.

Knowing how to actively protect the hair during a blonde service is part of our responsibility. So we are happy to introduce a new way to keep blonde hair strong, healthy, and resilient – in just 3 steps.

Keune Lab has integrated our Blond Fuser technology into Ultimate Blonde, Power Blonde, and Cream Blonde – as well as the Care Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner.


Your benefits:

  • Significantly reduces hair damage
  • Long-lasting conditioning
  • Stunning shine and softness