Keune Style line
Goodbye Design. Hello Style!

Styling products should be easy (and fun!) to use, luxe yet affordable. So we’re saying goodbye to Design and hello to Style, a versatile collection of hair styling staples that allow you to create modern, perfectly-imperfect hair. Lovingly invented to texturize, tame, smooth, set and more, we made Keune Style to realize every hair goal.

Uncomplicated, timeless and super-effective, our Style product lines include Curl, Heat Protect, Smooth, Volume, Texture, Gloss, Refresh and Fix.

8 Looks for beautiful Béatriz with Keune Style

Look 1: 
Béatriz wears The Bombshell Blowout, styled with Soft Mousse and Spray Wax
Look 2: 
Béatriz wears The Polished Ponytail, styled with Spray Wax
Look 3: 
Béatriz wears The Romantic Retro, styled with Soft Mousse and Freestyle Spray
Look 4: 
Béatriz wears The Sensational Shine, styled with Spray Wax, Brilliantine Gel and Liquid Hairspray
Look 5: 
Béatriz wears The Super Sleek, styled with Soft Mousse, Brilliant Gloss Spray and Soft Set Spray
Look 6: 
Béatriz wears The Tousled Texture, styled with Soft Mousse and Dry Texturizer
Look 7: 
Béatriz wears The Ultimate Updo, styled with Spray Wax and Liquid Hairspray
Look 8: 
Béatriz wears The Wonderful Wave, styled with Soft Mousse, Soft Set Spray and High Impact Spray