Luxury Citron SPA CND

Luxury Citron SPA is a great opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh your hands after dacha, because along with the skin of the face, hands determine the age of a person as well. Haggard hands add age, but CND SPA will immediately launch a final countdown for rejuvenation.

Luxury Citron SPA is also available for feet. This is especially relevant when you have to walk a lot, when cracks come up and the skin of the legs dries. All these problems will leave you, and you will leave, like in a song, with a flying gait.

All SPA include special relaxing massage techniques that make the procedures not only more effective, but also create pleasure in true bliss.


A few words about the cosmetics prepared by CND for Luxury Citron SPA

Bright Citron Soak — soak for maceration with sea salts

Based on sea salts, Argan oil, honey nectar and extract of citrus leaves, refreshing sea salt removes impurities while retaining moisture leaving skin radiantly smooth and softly fragranced.

Bright Citron Scrub – creamy salt scrub

Soft creamy salt scrub polishes away imperfections while preserving moisture due to the jojoba oil, honey extract and citrus leaf extract.

Bright Citron Masque – mask with Argan oil

Based on white clay, honey nectar and citrus extract, moisturizing mask conditions the skin. Due to the jojoba oil, the preparation penetrates deeply, delivering useful substances to the deeper layers of the skin, making it soft and smooth.

Bright Citron Lotion – Moisturizing and soothing lotion

Moisturizing and soothing lotion with a light texture and aroma of grapefruit and warm amber. Containing a unique composition of Shea butter, castor oil, honey and citrus extracts, light moisture veil provides replenishment and keeps skin hydrated and left lightly scented.

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