Bring on the night with moonlit colors

Welcome to CND NightSpell 2017 Nail Polish Collection at Nail Polish Direct!

It’s time to bring on the night with moonlit colours, for Fall 2017. CND introduces this dark, sultry and full of drama Nail Polish Collection – inspired by a “dark and seductive edge”.

 There are several stand-out shades: A warm lilac créme, a few elegant duo chromes and some shade shifting magic. Let’s dive in!

“This season revolves around spellbinding beauty with a dark and seductive edge. A medium-length, dagger-shaped nail grounded in mercurial hues represents a woman’s talisman in that moment. As seen on The Blonds Fall runway, it’s all about sophistication and refinement – nail styles framed in liquid mercury or antique gold showcase a plethora of textures with magnifying spines to illuminate dimension!” Says CND Co-Founder and Style Director Jan Arnold.

6 New Shellac Shades

6 New Vinylux Shades

  • Berry Boudoir
  • Hypnotic Dreams
  • Viridan Veil
  • Eternal Midnight
  • Lilac Eclipse 
  • Mercurial

Nail Designs Season Fall

  • Nocturnal Sky – Berry
    Design: Sponging 
    Colors: Purple, Silver, Teal
  • Nocturnal Sky
    Design: Sponging
    Colors: Purple, Silver, Teal
  • Velvet Veil
    Design: Sponging, Sugaring
    Colors: Black, Purple, Silver, Teal
  • Night Vision
    Design: Embellished
    Colors: Berry, Gold, Teal
  • Cat Eye
    Design: Embellished, Ombre
    Colors: Berry, Black, Teal
  • Charmed
    Design: Embellished, Ombre
    Colors: Mauve, Rose Gold

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