New Dawn Collection: The Color of Change

Meet new Color Collection: New Dawn, inspired by real women and their real stories of transformation.

Change your life, change your hair. New Dawn tells the stories of six women going through major life changes. Each has chosen to start a new chapter, or perhaps close an old one:

  • Shari moved to Los Angeles to dance;
  • Lyanne founded her own graphic design firm;
  • Joëlle recently became a mom; 
  • Merle sold everything she owned to travel;
  • Maya ran the New York marathon despite a knee injury;
  • Melissa lost everything, only to come back stronger than ever.

Keune developed five brand-new shades for the New Dawn Color Collection, ranging from natural tints to bold statement colors:

Fearless Lilac (Semi Lilac), a cool-toned lavender

Upbeat Beige (Semi 7.18), a modern shade of blonde

Confident Copper (Tinta Color 9.04), a soft ‘blorange’ hue

Fired Up Violet (Tinta Color 7.77), a strong purple

Daring Dark Blonde (Semi 6.19), a deeper blonde shade

Keune also launched a completely new product:

Neutralizing Blonde Spray, dubbed Unstoppable Blonde, which can be used to neutralize unwanted brassiness in blonde hair colors, for example after a lifting treatment

A little about how this wonderful collection was born:

More information about Keune color systems Keune 5d and Keune So Pure

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