Care Miracle Elixir

An exclusive professional in-salon treatment. A Care Miracle Elixir service is perfect for stressed-out clients and stressed-out hair.
Care Miracle Elixir features two brand-new products: Miracle Elixir Booster and Miracle Elixir Keratin Spray for home use. Add Miracle Elixir Booster to any Care mask for a custom concentrated keratin treatment.

4 Steps Treatment

  • Step 1
    Consult: Define the hair concerns
  • Step 2
    Cleanse: Use a shampoo based on the primary hair concern
  • Step 3
    Condition with Miracle Elixir:
    • Choose a mask for a customized solution
    • Add Miracle Elixir Booster to hair mask of your choice
    • Apply and left the miracle work
    • Wrap a hot towel around hair
    • Relax for 20 minutes
    • Rinse
  • Step 4 
  • Complete: Style as desired
    Make the effects last longer by using the Keratin Spray at home.


  • Reduces hair damage by up to 80%
  • Leaves hair twice as soft

Get your very own miracle from your own professional hairstylist

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Новинка! Care Miracle Elixir: Recover wrapping

Intensive nutrition of severely damaged dry hair, recover of split ends
The treatment gives strength, thickness and shine to hair, “solder” damage of the cuticular layer and split ends.

Новинка! Care Miracle Elixir: Deep Conditioning

Deep moisturizing and reducing hair pore space
Smooth, shine and moisturize hair

Новинка! Care Miracle Elixir: Keratin treatment for very damaged hair

Return of elasticity, restore of the internal structure of hair with intense moisture
The treatment makes hair thicker, strengthen and gives incredible shine and smoothness.