Luxurious Minimalism

Our mantra for 2016: “All you need is less.” So wave excessive indulgence goodbye. No more bling piled upon bling, intense Hollywood glamour and loud look-at-me prints. It’s time for a look that’s non-glam and effortless, with neutral colors and clean lines. Minimalism is the new chic!

We’re constantly being bombarded by information. Every day, there’s thousands of new updates, new must-haves, and new it-pieces. The very moment you finally buy the newest of the new, it’s already out of date. So people want less. Now is the time for functionality and simplicity in fashion, beauty, interior design, technology, and travel. It’s a breath of fresh air.

But minimalism in 2016 means more than consuming less and creating clean looks. It’s about simple luxury and quality that lasts. It’s about being true to yourself, embracing your natural beauty and not settling for less. Authenticity, sustainable production and craftsmanship are key to this new minimalism, as are environmentally friendly materials.

Gorgeous Greys

Grey hair is everywhere! Don’t worry, the color is no longer associated with grannies. More women stop hiding their grey hairs, and young women who aren’t naturally grey are dyeing their hair silver as a fashion statement. A good cut with a refined grey color makes you look anything but 10 years older.

Blonde Bliss

When we think blonde, we think youth. Blonde has been a desirable color for ages, so the challenge is to do something interesting. What’s unique about this line? The new Ultimate Blonde shades color the hair and make it lighter, while giving it more detail and expression. Whether you prefer a glowing, golden blonde or a cool, natural effect, there’s a blonde shade for every personality, hair and skin type.

Beautiful Browns

From roasted coffee beans to a perfect cup of espresso, the browns in this collection are inspired by the strong, pure nature of coffee. These innovative new colors combine warm and cool characters in one nuance. So you get beautiful, rich colors that feel chic and luxurious. In order to reveal the true beauty of these shades, technique and color placement are very important. Everyone is unique, so we strive for tailor-made versatility.

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