The history and value of Gatineau

If you are looking for the most inspiring stories in the history of French cosmetics, it is a story of Jeanne Gatineau. The story began in Paris more than eighty years by an outstanding beautician Madame Jeanne Gatineau. With a true passion for beauty, she provided breakthrough solutions for the care of women’s skin.
Jeanne Gatineau opened her first beauty salon in 1932 and immediately started to develop her own products for skin care to follow avant-garde ways of treatment at that time. Through collaboration with experienced dermatologists and bio-chemists, immediately she became a success in the world of skin care. In 1950 in Paris Jeanne Gatineau opened a beauty school, which has trained thousands of beauticians from France and all over the world. The demand for the unique and innovative experience of Jeanne Gatineau has led to the production of home care cosmetics with the same name «Gatineau». Over the years, groundbreaking research and development of Jeanne Gatineau resulted to a breakthrough in cosmetology, which were steps for the entire cosmetic industry.

Jeanne Gatineau:
– In 1932 I created a brand of excellence for the most discerning of women

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At the age of 52 years, Jeanne Gatineau opened her first beauty salon. Being full of determination and love for beauty, she created a home beauty salon business with one purpose – to provide professional care to Paris women. Later, her treatments were in great demand, and she became a well-known figure on the stage of the Paris Beauty.


Jeanne Gatineau began studying the works of Alexis Carroll, the French scientist and Nobel Prize winner. His knowledge of the cell senescence inspired her for the scientific approach to skin care. Jeanne Gatineau started working with dermatologists and biochemists to create her first range of products for skin care.


In 1950 she opened the first beauty school in Paris, where Jeanne Gatineau shared her at that time already very extensive knowledge with hundreds of students, teaching them skin structure and methods of Gatineau. After the incredible success of the school in Paris, she opened schools in Brussels and Milan.

Jeanne Gatineau continued to cooperate with the experts of skin care. Together with scientists, she discovered new techniques and incredible products. With the knowledge of skin care products, Jeanne facial peelings to improve skin color. Based on the knowledge, Jeanne Gatineau created the first world’s facial scrub.


By the 1960s Jeanne Gatineau’s position in the skincare industry was undisputed. Having developed a number of phenomenal products and forever changing the lives of women, Jeanne Gatineau retired at the age of 71 years. The beauty school was taken over by her daughter, allowing Gatineau’s incredible knowledge of skincare to be passed to the next generation.


Jeanne’s knowledge in skincare passed to a new generation. An Exfoliant line achieved a great success. After that, the brand Gatineau continued to focus on products that brightens the complexion. As a result, Gatineau was the first to produce skin care cosmetics for home care.


1980s became a real boom in cosmetic research. Gatineau was at the forefront of the research. The Gatineau opened powerful anti-aging properties of Retinol.


From a woman who started out in the Parisian apartment, her business is firmly established within the skincare industry. In 1990 the name of Jeanne Gatineau has turned into a globally recognized brand – Gatineau. After many successful products, Gatineau continued with a focus on anti-ageing treatments. Significant progress was made after the discovery of the laser. This is the first intensive anti-ageing treatment that became extremely popular among women.


The 21st century began with the launch of Melatogenine line. The innovative products of this line for rejuvenation use a patented molecule Gatineau, blocking the harmful effects of free radicals and prolong youth of the skin. The L’Officiel (the French fashion magazine) recognised these products as outstanding. The Melatogenine line products has received a number of international awards and recognition around the world as the best facial products.


Today, even as a global brand, Gatineau’s values remain deeply rooted in the heritage.
Gatineau skincare products advance the field around the world and keep the leadership of the brand as an anti-ageing specialist. The innovative spirit of Jeanne Gatineau is as integral as it was 80 years ago.

The high content of active ingredients (70%) in the whole Gatineau brand products and a large variety guarantees you an instant visual effect after the first treatment.

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