AUSTRALIAN GOLD is the most popular in the world tanning cosmetic.

Beautiful even color of the skin, you like from the cover of a glossy magazine, and the aroma can drive you crazy !!!

For almost 30 years, Australian Gold® has been the largest and most recognizable brand on all the beaches of the world. The colossal experience and application of innovative technologies of modern cosmetology in the production of Australian Gold® allow to create a unique products, wich can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Special tanning creams Astralian Gold® is balanced for maximally nourish and moisturize your skin, providing it completly care and comfort, protection from photoaging, giving skin wonderful dark shade:

  • contain only natural moisturizers, such as glycerin and organic oils;
  • high effective antioxidants and vitamin complexes;
  • high-quality bronzing components and patented complexes of bronzers to achieve and regulate the desired result.

In the beauty studio True Beauty we developed a unique scheme of work with AUSTRALIAN GOLD ™:

1) You can try any AUSTRALIAN GOLD ™ tanning cream by buying it by weight portionwise

2) After you choose the most you liked, make an order for a full tube.

Australian Gold® For the Tan of Your Life and the Life of Your Tan®

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