Absolute SPA Hair Recovery Keune So Pure

Absolute SPA Hair Recovery, combines relaxing and therapeutic procedures for hair and scalp and is based on the methods of aroma, phytotherapy, homeopathy and the techniques of oriental massage. The composition of cosmetic products includes more than 30 plant components and essential oils.

SPA – Climate

Diagnosis of scalp and hair, selection of individual complex: essential oils, shampoo, lotion, conditioner, mask, serum, styling.

SPA – Relax

  • Cleansing scalp and hair (shampoo without sulfates and parabens, enriched by organic essential oils and plant extracts)
  • SPA – peeling (performed with shampoo and Argan oil) There is a maximum relaxation and warming of scalp on this step.
  • After the double application and easy preparatory massage, the scalp is ready for the basic procedure.

Aromatic massage based on oriental techniques

  • Special massage technique with deep penetration of essential oils to head skin enrich it by vitamins and made hair silky and shiny.
  • A balanced mixture of organic essential oils and pure plant extracts including Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa strengthens, nourishes and conditions the hair from the inside out. The hydrating and moisturizing effects of Avocado oil conditions and strengthens the damaged hair. Coconut Oil and Quinoa proteins aid in repairing the hair. The certified organic Argan oil provides Vitamin A and E and strenghten hair and scalp. 

Nature Styling

SPA-procedure completes the natural styling.
Creams, sprays and mousses are enriched with Argan oil, Shea oil and essential oils. Corn starch provides flexible fixation and sustained support. Making hair more dense, adding to them volume and shine.

Essential oils extracts are a gift from Nature to our body and mind!

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