November True Beauty


How to win a certificate for 5000? Give away conditions are in the last paragraph !!!

Presents from True Beauty Studio specialists:

Cocktail and Japanese-style set – 30% off

    • Short hair 1519 RUB instead of 2170 RUB
    • Medium hair 2233 RUB instead of 3190 RUB
    • Long hair 2709 RUB instead of 3870 RUB
    • And 3143 RUB instead of 4490 RUB
  • All hair and nail treatments  – 20% off:
    • Hair Treatment Keune Miracle Elixir
      For example,
      Recover wrapping treatment, middle hair 3920 RUB instead of 4900 RUB
      Keratin treatment, short hair 2720 RUB instead of 3400 RUB
    • Nail treatment IBX nail strengthening
      560 RUB instead of 700 RUB

The discount covers all the treatments of the studio, just study the price list, select the necessary one and take off 20% !!!

  • Do any facial or peeling and get 25% off for home care, support the effect with the proper home care.

For example, Melatogenine AOX Probiotics plus anti-aging cream 50ml – 7087 RUB instead of 9450 RUB (Cream increases density and elasticity, unwrinkles, nourishes and moisturizes, stimulates the natural renewal of skin cells) 


Anti-aging tinted cream SPF 30 Perfection Ultime 3337 RUB instead of 4450 RUB  (Enhances collagen synthesis, stimulates skin renewal. Evens out color, instantly corrects skin imperfections (redness, age spots, enlarged pores). Contains high UVA and UVB filters, reliably protecting the skin from harmful effects).



Give away from True Beauty Studio

The winner will get a studio certificate in the amount of 5000 RUB, and all those who vote for the winner will get discounts as well!!!!


  1. Make CND manicure with design or color with highlights at True Beauty Studio
  2. We post manicure / color in our social nets the same day with the hashtag #truebeautygiftcard
  3. The person who gets the most likes and comments in our group will receive a gift card.
    Anyone who comments and likes the manicure/ color of the winner will receive a 10% discount for one visit to the True Beauty Studio
  4. The competition lasts until the end of November 2019, then 10 days – summing up the result!