Hair coloring system Keune 5D

  • What it does?
  • How it happens?
  • Why it works?
  • Result

What it does?

Hair coloring system Keune 5D – unique procedure with innovation technologies provides 5 times more persistent staining, intensive deep hair care. Preserves the juiciness of shades by 25% longer in comparison with the usual color. Protects the hair structure from damage during color formation. Protects the color from burnout and provides maximum comfort and safety of coloring.

How it works?

The master invites the client to to sit down, diagnostic hair and scalp, chooses the color in accordance with the wishes of the client.

Then, a “Protein” spray conditioner is applied to the scalp and hair.

While the spray is working, the colorist makes a formula and prepares an individual color-cocktail based on the colourants Tinta or Semi, in which he adds a special serum “Glitter”.

The coloring and caring blend is applied to the hair and maintained, based on the technology of the chosen hair coloring. The client drinks warm tea, stimulates blood circulation and enhances the effect of the procedure, simultaneously receives advice on home and salon care, necessary hair and scalp.

The blend is washed in the sink with a a special system “After Color”, and the client accompanies back to the chair.

After that, the stylist arranges the hair at the client’s request, using styling lines “Design Line”, “Care Line” or “Blend”. The duration of the procedure depends on the complexity of the staining and the selected styling, and ranges from 1 to 3.5 hours.

Why it’s so effective?

Protein spray-conditioner protects, moisturizes and soothes the scalp, and also softens and moisturizes the cuticle of hair – for a particularly soft penetration of the color mixture and protection against damage.

Serum “Shine” protects hair with the help of a double protective layer of DLP2, nourishes the hair, adds extra shine and firmness to the color.

Unique formulas and compositions of Keune colourant provide gentle coloring, depth and stamina of the shades with care of the internal and external structure of the hair.

“After Color” system, consisting of a special shampoo and conditioner with a low level of Ph4 allows you to completely stop the reaction and close the flakes – for the safety and stabilization of color pigments inside the hair.


Hair gets a well-groomed appearance, shine and bright color, density, silky and healthy energy. The color of the hair is protected from external factors. The result is accumulated and amplified with each procedure.

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